How Great is God of the Bible (2nd Part)

o far, we have agreed that the reason why man came into this world is because Somebody created him. And that Being is more powerful and more intelligent than any other man. But who is He? What shall we call Him? We do not know Him yet, so, we still have to refer to the physical evidences that we see around us.There are those who claim that they have seen and talked with our Maker. That is why we will examine the testimonies of these witnesses. It is not wrong to believe the testimonies of witnesses, like in the example that I already cited in my previous discussions. You never saw when your mother gave birth to you, but you still believe that your mother is your real mother because somebody witnessed your birth.We were all created. We did not just sprout in this world. We are not mouth sores that appear very suddenly. Actually, even the appearance of mouth sores is caused by something. It could be due to deficiency in Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex. What am I trying to say? Whether we are mouth sores, or not, the fact remains that we have a beginning. We did not happen by accident. Why are we here on earth? How did we come into being? It is because Somebody created us. As to who that Creator is, that is what we are trying to unravel. Who is He? How shall we call Him? Where can we get testimonies about Him?If you were able to get confirmation that you were the real child of your mother and father from a witness’ testimony, we shall also look for a reliable witness who could introduce to us who the Creator of man is. But before we find out who he is, let us find out first how intelligent, how magnanimous, and how understanding He is. If man is here on earth because Somebody created him, how can we determine who that Creator is? You see, we have to understand Him before we learn who He is. Let me just add a little to the premise we agreed on previously. Remember, we have agreed in our belief that Somebody created us.

At this point, before we get to know who the Creator is, let us establish first His greatness. What kind of Creator is our Creator? How does He work? Being our creator, it follows that He is also the one who made our hands. If you will notice, the fingers of our hands do not have the same length. Our thumb, although smaller, is fatter than the rest of the fingers. We have the so-called index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and the smallest finger. Have you ever pondered on why God did not give our fingers equal length? Had He made your fingers of the same length, you will find it very difficult to bring the food into your mouth if you are eating with your bare hands. In other words, the one who made our hands understands where and how the hands would be used.

Aside from that, Science has also found out that no two individuals have the same fingerprints, even if they happen to be siblings, or twins, or even Siamese twins. To this day, there has not been any record that would prove that there are two persons who have the same fingerprints. That proves that our Creator gave each of us our own distinct identities. People vary in their physical features; they differ in the shapes of their nose, types of their hair, and shapes of their faces such that, some are round, while some are oval. But most of all, thru the fingerprints, a person is given his distinguishing mark.

Aside from that, our Creator also understands our personal needs. He knows that our body would need Vitamin C for us not to catch colds, nor develop ulcer, and for our flesh to become firmer. Unfortunately, our body is incapable of producing even a small amount of Vitamin C. So, what did He do? He gave us fruits which are very rich in Vitamin C – pineapple, guava, orange, etc. What does that mean? Our Maker understands our needs.

We were given nails for us to scratch the itchy part of our body. He did not give us a nose that is turned upside down; otherwise, we will drown when it rains. Our ears were likewise positioned properly for us to hear very well what the other person is telling us. Therefore, we can say that, indeed, man is a masterpiece! There is wisdom in all His creations. Now, if we believe that there is a Creator, let us find out and let us acknowledge the wisdom in His creations, because He created everything in wisdom.

It is very easy to realize how brilliant the Creator is. Just look at the soil. Plant pepper on it and you’ll reap a spicy fruit. Try planting “ampalaya” on the same soil, and you’ll reap a bitter tasting fruit. And then, try planting sugarcane, and that soil will yield sweet sugarcane. And finally, when you planted “calamansi,” the same soil yielded a sour fruit. Where did those tastes come from? Try to taste the soil, and it neither tastes bitter, nor sweet, not sour, nor spicy. What does that prove? The Creator is very intelligent.

God gave man the so-called taste buds, which gives him the ability to taste what is spicy, bitter, sweet, and sour. Actually, if man will only try to study all His creations, he will find out that all of them are linked to him – to his needs – for him to appreciate His wisdom, His goodness, and His mercy. Everything in this world is created with a purpose.

It was after realizing these things that I began to contemplate and asked myself: Why are we here on earth? What are we here for? Does life simply mean getting married, growing old, and dying? . . . and after death, no more?

You refute my word if you want, but after observing how life goes in this world, I have realized that everything that God made has a specific purpose. None of His works is bad, instead, there is always something good about it. For instance, tobacco per se is not bad. It just became bad and harmful when it had been used improperly. But tobacco can be beneficial and helpful if it used correctly. Do you know that the chemical that is extracted from tobacco, when injected, can relax and sedate a person who becomes violent and hysterical due to some pressing problems? It has its medicinal use. The venom of a snake is, likewise, a potent antidote if used properly. It can be beneficial to man if handled properly. This is the reason why I am saying that everything in this world has a definite use and purpose. It’s just that, sometimes, we do not realize what we are here for. Are we simply meant to grow old? Does life simply mean growing up, getting married, raising a family, growing old, and, finally, dying? Is that what our life is all about? Or, is there another essence to our existence?

Let us study all these things. We have agreed that there is a Creator who made everything, including man. And this creator is kind-hearted, very intelligent, and very sensitive to our needs. But, who is He? Some would say that He is Jesus. Others would contest it because for them, Jesus is a mere man, and the only creator is the Father. Many different answers might arise, but which of these answers shall we believe? Whose answer are we going to believe? And this is where the problem lies. But let us try finding solution to this problem. Let us look for a lead . . . for a witness, and let us ask him: Who is the creator?

Many have claimed that they have seen and heard the Creator. Who among them shall we believe? Some say that the creator is Jesus, some say that it is the Father. On the other hand, there are those who say that it is Jehovah, but there are also those who say that it is Yahweh El Shaddai. Who could be the real creator? Do you believe that our creator is Jehovah? Or is it Yahweh El Shaddai? or Jesus? or the Father? But definitely, somebody must have created us. However, who is he?
One pastor said that, as far as he was concerned, all religions are of God, and no religion is evil. Would you agree with him that no religion is bad? What can you say about the religion established by Jim Jones, who taught his members that they would not die even if they drink poison? Some 913 of them drank cyanide and all of them died. Will you consider that religion of God? Let your conscience answer that. How about those pastors who are introducing to you their own gods, will you regard them to be of God? If they are really of God, why are they fighting against each other?

I think instead of saying that this group, or that group, is of God, it would be better if it is God who would say that we are His. Wouldn’t that be better? It is so easy to claim that we are of God, but can you accept it that all of us are of God and all of us are righteous. Why, are you all faithful to your respective husbands and wives? Who among you has not answered back to his parents? Who among you have not nurtured any ill feeling towards his fellowman, to the point of even praying that he be hit by a train? Who among you have not taken anything which is not his? I’m sure some of you have committed some of what I have mentioned. Have you been a faithful wife to your husband? Why is it that there are stories of husbands who, after working in another country for sometime, he comes home surprised to find out that he has now three children when he just got two before he left? This thing really happens. Now, would you say that all of us are of God? For me, I would say that some of us are of God, but not all of us, simply because, some of us do things which are against the will of God.

If there is a God, our question is, who is he? Who will introduce Him to us? Could there be anybody who could introduce to us the God who created everything?

Let us not denounce, nor judge any religion yet. Let us study all of them as we search for the reason behind our existence here on earth. Undoubtedly, there is a creator. But who is he?

Let us all play neutral as we put them all to a test. Who is the creator of all things? They are attributing this to what they call, God. As we search for the truth, let us also call him God. But who is that God? There are groups that believe that God has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s. But let us ask the Bible if their belief were correct. John 4:24 says–

“God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

Therefore, according to the Bible, God is a spirit. And how does the Bible define the word “spirit”? Luke 24:39 says–

“… for a spirit hath no flesh and bones …”

See how the belief of one group contradicts what the Bible says. So, what are we suppose to do now. They believe that God has flesh and bones, while the Bible says, God is a spirit. But there is still another group which believes that God is spirit, however, they also believe that God is not begotten and begets not.

I asked myself, whose son is Christ? Isn’t it that we believe that Christ is a son of God? Why is it that one group said that God has flesh and bones, while another group said, God has no flesh and bones? And still another group said that God is a spirit, but this spirit is not begotten?

I believe that God was not really born. But I cannot accept that God cannot beget inasmuch as God is a spirit. Why, who begot all of you? Were you not begotten by your mother? The question is, who created your mother? Have we not agreed that God is the creator of all men? If your mother, who was just created by God, can beget children, how much more is the one who created your mother. The more He could beget. Wouldn’t that make sense? If our mother who was just made by God could beget children, the more God could beget if He wants to. If he was able to create a mother who could beget, could he not beget also? Try to think about it.

I just couldn’t accept their belief that God begets not. But let us give them the benefit of the doubt. They say that God begets not, while the Bible said otherwise. Isn’t it that there are “children of God”? How’s that now? . . . This is what we will study next time. . . .




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