“The Humble Warrior of God” Romans 13:4

About Bro. Eli Soriano

Bro Eli SorianoFour decades of unrelenting service to God and humanity has given Brother Eliseo Soriano the established cognomen as the undisputed and “the Only Sensible Preacher” in our time, not only in the religious world but in the socio-political field.

In the Philippines, Bro. Eli Soriano holds the record as the only preacher who open up his radio and television programs and even his telecommunication lines to answer anyone who have questions about faith, spirituality, meaning, life and more.

His exceptional prowess in understanding the Bible proves his firm stand in lauding what is true according to the Scriptures.

Whether broadcasting freely, or being hounded by fabricated cases after cases, Bro Eli remains the humble yet dignified character in giving light to the grilling issues of faith, despite fabricated attacks against his person and the Church to which he dedicated and promised his life.

He is the Presiding Minister of Members Church of God International, a worldwide congregation with presence in North America, Canada, London, Ireland, Australia, and Asia.

With one sole purpose of fulfilling the Word of God, Bro Eli geared up Church of God as it started to spread its wings in the international scene, opening people’s awareness to the Holy Scriptures.

Bro. Eli strives to shed light and dig deeper into the religious corruptions and unbiblical doctrines by major world and most localized religions today by teaching and reading the Bible.

Indeed, from small radio and television, the use of Internet technology will surely bring greater accomplishments of saving more and more souls, with God’s help and Bro. Eli’s commitment. Thus, the once seemingly impossible dream has now become a reality.

With Truthcaster.com, Bro. Eli opens himself up to wider audience. Not only is he ready to answer those who have doubts and questions about existence, life and our Creator; he believes it is high time, more than ever, that the people of the world hear and understand the Truth that has been conceitedly misinterpreted by those who never holds the key.

This Internet channel has been launched to cater salvation to the people of the world as Bro. Eli continues his journey to accomplish his ultimate duty of bringing souls to God.

I JUST COPY-PASTED IT..FROM ON THE http://www.theoldpath.tv/



THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL AND SENSIBLE PREACHER IN OUR TIMEaskbroeli_podcast2-final_4wp2final2copyright.jpg

These are the steps to tune in to the podcast:

1. log on to www.talkshoe.com

2. create your own account

3. after installing the talkshoe software, click “LIVE NOW” tab

4. look for Brother Eli’s podcast entitled “The Brother Eli Soriano Truth Pod

5. click on “listen, chat, and talk”

*please be advised that it is a must that everyone who will be calling in the podshow should be wearing a headset to avoid feedbacks and echoes.

Happy listening!


~ by truth Lover on October 24, 2007.

2 Responses to ““The Humble Warrior of God” Romans 13:4”

  1. ipag patuloy nyo lang po ang pangangaral sa buong mundo nang malaman na ang tunay na totoo!!!!!!ng mga nagsasalinbayang pekeng relihiyon boto po kami sa adhikain nyong makaakay ng marami pang bilang ng kaluluwa, magm mula sa silanganan hanggang kalunuran…more POWER po salahat ng KAPATIRAN NG ANG DATING DAAN!!!!

  2. Well said

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