Strong Relationship


And for a family to live harmoniously, the wife must learn to submit herself to her husband. If you want to buy a refrigerator, consult your husband first. In the first place, he is the breadwinner. If he gives his consent, then, go ahead. You may buy one. If that is the case, do you think they will still quarrel? Not anymore, because he has given her his consent. The husband is the head in the household; he is the president. If the president has approved something, the vice president also approves it. Who is the president? Ephesians 5:23—

“For the husband is the head of the wife.”

The husband is the head of his wife. Therefore, if you are the husband, but you are just the vice president in the house, that means, you do not believe in God. In a marital relationship, the husband is the head, and his wife must be under his subjection. And if a wife submits herself under the subjection of her husband, there will never be any quarrel between the two of them. If you want to visit your parents, you seek for the permission of your husband. If he consents, even if you go home late, he will not be angry with you. Who knows, he might even fetch you there. Because he loves you and because you understand each other, he might even fetch you from your parents’ house.

Just consider the trains. Trains will not collide and clash against each other so long as they stick to their respective rails, even if one of them gets out of order. A husband and a wife have their respective rails to tread. And as long as they stick to their own rails, everything will run smoothly; no accidents will happen. But why do accidents happen? Why are some children neglected? Why do they turn out to be drug addicts? Why do some children become gamblers and bystanders? Why do they loiter in the streets? Why? Both the husband and the wife had gone off the track, especially today when some couples just beget children without proper planning. (“Dear, it’s been two months since my last menstruation.”) Then, her mother-in-law how many children do they already have. She said 12, and she is conceiving for the 13th. And because of that, she was ascribing the blame to her husband. But his husband ascribed the blame on her, saying that she liked it too. That is the usual story. And at my age, I have witnessed similar situations.

There are also parents who would even give justification for their negligence. They would reason out that, it is better that they are many because, many will be working for their livelihood. There are really parents who bear children just to have somebody to work in their behalf. That is not good.

Personally, I believe that loving parents normally prepare for their child even before he is born. They buy the baby a crib, diapers, etc, although diapers today are no longer a problem because of the availability of disposable diapers. But in the past, long before the baby is born, the expecting mother already prepares the diapers. She would even embroider them with the word “baby”. The parents also plan for their child’s future. (“When she grows up, we would send her to St. Agnes, or St. Mary. They also plan for the course that they want their child to pursue. That is what I mean by “planning”.)

There are also husbands would run their hands on the tummy of their pregnant wives. They would talk to the baby inside (“When are you going to come out? I hope you are a girl”). And the reason they want a girl is, for her to work in a cabaret when she grows up. That is wrong. A child must be loved; he/she must not be made a laborer.

If we are going to live in accordance to the laws being spoken in the Bible, the wife must submit herself to her husband. The husband, on the other hand, is under the authority of Christ. He must live by the doctrines of God; he must not cheat his wife. That is the next topic that we are going to study. We will try to find out the qualities of a man to whom the woman must submit herself.

But always bear in mind, sisters, for a woman not to go wrong, she must abide by the doctrines of God. She must put herself under the subjection of her husband. (Next time, we are going to study the kind of husband a man should be.)

At this point, let us focus our discussion on the women. First of all, the Bible admonished the woman to be modest, both in her ways and in her manner of dressing. She must not be contentious and talkative. What else? Colossians 3:18 gives the commandment for women–

“Wives, submit yourself unto your husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.”

Ephesians 5:33—

“And the wife see that she reverence her husband.”

Abraham was revered by Sarah. Sarah called Abraham “Lord”. Therefore, the women were commanded to revere their husbands. Why? Because, there are wives who do not respect their husbands. Sometimes, the wife even shouts at her husband in the presence of other people. (“Tulume, how shameless you are! You do not even want to help me in the household chores! Go home and cook rice.”) She does not even consider that her husband was with his friends. Does that kind of woman have any respect for her husband?

A woman who respects her husband will not confront him in the presence of other people. There was a woman who heard that her husband was womanizing. So, she looked for him. She found him with other bystanders. But she did not make a scene right there and then. In fact, she courteously excused herself to everybody. (She told them, “Dear, one moment please. Please, excuse us. We will just have to talk about an important matter.” The husband asked, “What is it?” She answered, “Come, we will talk about it at home.”)

(When they reached home, she pinched him hard, and said, “How dare you womanize!”)

I admire that woman because she was able to control her emotion. She expressed it only when they have reached home.

The women were commanded to revere their husbands. You must respect your husband. You must not divulge to other people the things that your husband keeps. Do not tell anyone that he has ringworm in his buttocks. There are women who are like that. They do not hesitate telling other people that their husband has a body odor. Bear in mind that, even he has body odor, you must learn to accept him for what he is. Do not think that just because he has a body odor, you could already flirt with other men. No! Instead, you have to do something about his body odor. You will never be saved if you flirt with other men simply because your husband has a body odor. You will go to hell; you will not be saved. Find a remedy to his body odor. You buy him alum. Apply it in his armpit after he has taken a bath, and you’ll see, he’ll never smell bad the whole day. There are lots of remedies to it. That is the best thing that you can do. He is already your husband. Why don’t you just sing …

“You’re my Everything Everything I need You’re the song I sing And the book I read You’re a way beyond belief I just make it brief You’re my winter, summer, Spring, my everything.”

Even if he has a body odor, you can no longer return him to his parents. That is, if you want to be saved. Is that true, or not? Do not fool around; do not go with other men. You will not be saved if you do that. The soul of a man is very important. In this world, you are already considered fortunate if you live up to 80, or 90 years. Do you think we still reach that age? Nowadays, there are people who die at the age of 31. Today, the life span of a man is much shorter.

Let’s say you lived in this world for 100 years. Let’s say that you died after 100 years. Are you not afraid that your soul, should you go wrong, will experience eternal punishment? That is why we should prepare. A wise man prepares, not only for the present, but also for the future. He is taking into consideration not only the present but also of what is yet to come. There are many challenges that await him in the future, and he is preparing for those.

Sisters, do you want to be worthy in the eyes of God? Do not forget the fundamental doctrines taught to you. Be modest in your manners … in the way you dress up … in dealing with other people. Also, submit yourself, in full subjection, to your husband. And lastly, revere your husband, and keep on doing good things all the days of your life.



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  1. Thanks for this Jan, it’s really quite funny. I’m going to read some of your other jokes now.

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